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Fics Fics Fics

Or, Libby rambles about her ideas for a while.

It being the Christmas season, I feel inundated with exchange deadlines - however, I am on top of most of them, having finished and posted my SeSa and finished both my Yuletide assignment and a treat. Two BigBangs are lurking ominously around the corner, which is more worrying, but I'll handle them. Luckily university is winding down for the term and I'm all finished up with class by the end of tomorrow, so more time to write!

Not enough time, though, to write the sheer number of PLOT BUNNIES that have been jumping around in my head recently and making a racket. Honestly! So many!

I have a document on my computer entitled "Fics To Write", mainly all Tolkien fic. Some of this may get done, some of it may never see the light of day. Basically I just want to waffle about fic today.

Haldad’s Daughter Raised Her Bow – Life story of Haleth fic. I like Haleth. I just heard the Arcade Fire song (title is based on a line) and went, 'This reminds me of Haleth for some reason. I want to write about Haleth'. This is potentially a long project and will probably be on the back burner for...a while.

Clarity – Curufin/Celegorm long fic (probably long). Haha knowing other people have thought about this ship too makes me feel better ^^; I don't think it's canon - but what if it were? That's where I wanna go with this fic.

Cancelling Dagor Dagorath – Pacific Rim/Tolkien Fusion AU. Inspired by Zeen's prompt on comment_fic and other discussions somewhere. I have this plotted out and it's being worked on in the background of everything else. Jaegers! Elves! It's so exciting! I love it xD

Untitled – Hunger Games/Tolkien Fusion AU. I have literally no work on this except the idea - but that idea includes District 13-esque rebel leader Feanor, a slightly Finnick-esque Fingon, President Morgoth, Gamemaker Sauron, and vaguely Katniss-esque Finarfin. Weird picking of characters abounds. This may never get done but I like my idea *cries*

Untitled – Modern!Tolkien fic. I have maybe a thousand or so words of the four hobbits being room mates at uni, vague ideas of Boromir and Faramir sharing a flat across the hall from Eowyn and Eomer, plus Legolas, Gimli and Aragorn and all the various escapades involved in their sharing a flat down the hall. In a completely unrelated piece, I have perhaps two thousand words (maybe more) of a modern version of Feanor dying and his sons dealing with his death.

Untitled – Modern!Fem!Tolkien fic. This has a rather un-serious fanmix (planning stage) and a few polyvore sets of dresses. Basically an excuse for pretty girls wearing pretty clothes. There's also a slightly 'five minutes into the future' version where everyone is a building-hopping spy in a catsuit but that will stay in the confines of my head hahaha

Untitled – Duilin/Rog fic. Random ship is random. I think it came out of a generator somewhere. Someday I will write this pairing and convince everyone it is awesome. Until then, it shall remain in my head.

Learning To Sail In High Winds – Melvanna/Galdor + Ellaurë/Ecthelion – Royalty Story Bang. From my summary on the BB page: "Rog and his sister Melvanna are opposites in many ways. The most noticeable is Rog's loud, bombastic personality coupled with his imposingly large physique, a direct contrast to the much quieter and frankly petite Melvanna. He's always been protective of her, but that doesn't mean she can't get her own way when she wants to. And when she finds something she's prepared to fight him for - namely, love - their respective strength of will makes for a very level playing field.
By contrast, Glorfindel and his sister Ellaurë are much more alike. Both golden-haired and overtly confident, they're used to working together and confiding in one another - and in their mutual best friend, Ecthelion. Ellaurë makes it her mission to both befriend Melvanna and help her get her man despite her brother's well-intentioned tyranny, but doesn't expect her own heart to be compromised in the process.
This is the product of wanting to write 'more ladies in Tolkien!' and a need to write M/F romance - basically self-indulgence at its finest. Now I write out a summary it also has slight echoes of the plot of Emma, which I shouldn't be surprised by, really. Me, write a romance without Jane Austen influences? That'll be the day."
This will get written for the RoyaltyBigBang, or so I hope. If anyone has any critique/tips on those OFC names btw I'd be happy to hear 'em.

Broken Crown Series
So Darkness I Became – Sauron/Morgoth; Melkor seduces Marion.
How Dare You Speak of Grace? – Morgoth + Manwë after Morgoth is imprisoned. Manwë chastises him for leading Sauron astray.
To The Farthest Shore –Sauron/Morgoth in Middle-earth
The Devil Is A Lady – Sauron and Thuringwethil talk. It’s a battle of wills.
And In The Darkness Bind Me – Sauron at the time of the War of the Ring
I Will Follow You Into The Dark – Morgoth/Sauron at the end of it all.
Because I wanted to write Sauron/Morgoth and plot bunnies just kept jumping into my brain. The fact that they all seemingly have titles is scary.

And this doesn't even count the ideas I have from fan_stockings, like three more Yuletide treat ideas, some ideas from comment_fic....

Lots of waffle under there.

(ALSO the Slashy Valentine signup post just came up! Shall I win the award for first to sign up y/n? xD)
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