A Dragon (burning_night) wrote,
A Dragon

Elves In A Galaxy Far Far Away

So hear me out here

Maybe it's because I watched Star Wars (Episode 4) while pretty smashed at 3am last night, maybe it's because I've had the music in my head all day, who knows, but 'Tolkien IN SPACE' is sort of a thing so why not...Tolkien-IN-SPACE-with-jedis-and-lightsabers-and-stuff?

I must admit that I want it bad. I've always just loved Jedi, and I love the image of a Jedi Council made up of Jedi from all races - where one's mind might instantly jump to Jedi!Elves (and they would be badass), I love the idea of Jedi!Dwarves and Jedi!Hobbits as well (and Jedi!Men, too. Can't forget them).

What would be equally as interesting would be who is not a Jedi - who's a senator, perhaps, who's a star fighter pilot, who's the leader struggling to hold the government of their planet together, who's the head of the Trade Federation, who's joined the Separatists, who's loyal to the Republic until death, etc. etc. etc.

Yes, I just love Star Wars. It shows, right?

(The word Jedi has started to look really weird)
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