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I know everyone else did this ages ago but I'm just getting round to it...

1) Something old - a blurb from one of the first fics you ever wrote.

(I'm not quite sure why it says 'blurb' here when what it apparently wants is a snippet - but ah well)

My first published fanfic on my old Fanfiction.net account is something that's pretty silly, but holds a special place in my heart. Published in 2008, I was eleven, and I remember writing this story sneakily in my lunch times at school. My absolute obsession for ages was Christopher Paolini's Inheritance Cycle, and this is fic for that, wherein Angela (who I still think is an awesome character, despite having gone off the series) discovers and adopts a frog, imaginatively named Adam.

A frog hopped through the long grass surrounding Terim. His name was Adam, and he was quite a normal frog. He was going about his business, looking for juicy flies, as he did everyday. Suddenly, a giant hand swooped down from out of the sky and scooped him up. He gave a loud, very unbecoming croak, but the hand didn't let him go. "A nice specimen. He'll do nicely," said Angela as she looked down on the frog. "And it's definitely a frog, not a toad."

2) Something new - a snippet from something you’re currently working on, or from the last thing you posted.

Pretty much everything I'm working on at the moment is exchange fics of various kinds, but I've also been on a bit of a Star Wars kick recently, so I've been revisiting an old WIP that never got published, and messing about with a new AU idea.

This is from the AU idea, wherein Qui-Gon survives the events of Phantom Menace, but the Council decides they want Obi-Wan to train Anakin instead (totally inspired by bedlamsbard's story A New Beginning which is a small scene with the same premise).
(The lines with dashes in front are sent through a messaging program that I imagine to be very much like Jedi-Facebook chat, just fyi)

-come talk to me, Quinlan messaged him almost as soon as they’d left the refectory.

-I can’t leave Anakin alone, Quin

-you’re in the damn temple, what’ll happen to him?

-Good point. Well at least let me put him to bed

-aw, you’re such a good dad

-Shut up

“Who are you talking to?” Anakin asked through a mouthful of toothpaste.


“Which one was he?”

“He had the tattoo.” Obi-Wan made a motion across his face.

“Oh yeah. That was wicked.”

“Don’t talk with your mouth full of toothpaste, padawan, you’re getting it everywhere.”

3) Something borrowed - a scene or section of dialogue from another writer’s story. Maybe something that inspired you or resonated with you. (Credit the writer and link to it if possible, please.)

Everyone stop what you're doing and read this, because goddamn. I loved Susan before, but my heart ached for her after this. A section from ursulav's Elegant And Fine:

When they found themselves back in Narnia, a year later, she had almost succeeded in putting it out of her mind. The magic had plucked and teased at her mind until it felt like a dream, or like something best remembered as a dream.


Not entirely.

Experience has a way of marking you, even if you do not remember it, or remember it only as a dream. You cannot keep the death-vigil for a god and go unchanged. You cannot walk across a battlefield with blood and mud and the moans of the dying around you, and go back to being an ordinary eleven-year-old girl.

You cannot live to be thirty years old, and have it wiped cleanly from your mind.

4) Something blue - c’mon, you know you’ve written a really gut-wrenching bit of angst at some point. Let’s hear the saddest or angstiest thing you’ve got. Alternatively? Tell us about the last time you described the color blue.

I don't know if this is the saddest thing I've written, but it made me feel really sad when I wrote it, so. From my fic As Only A Daughter Can:

I suppose it is a blessing that the last time I saw him, he was smiling. Earendil and I were heading to the walls, to get a good spot to watch the sun rise. Father was sitting at the high table in the Great Hall, lords around him, drink in hand. Laughing. I do not know who made the jest, but ever after I thanked him in my heart. Perhaps it was Ecthelion, with his bone-dry humour, or Duilin, playing his stiffly sceptical straight face once again, or maybe it was Glorfindel with his endless supply of quips and welcoming, glowing grin. Maybe it was all of them. But my father laughed the last time I saw him, and that is how I remember him.

Meme complete! (And four different fandoms covered!)
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