A Dragon (burning_night) wrote,
A Dragon

Dear Yuletide Writer!

It's that time again!

Hi, Dearest Yuletide Author! Nice to see you!

I usually don't waffle on for (too) long in these sign-up posts, as I like to give people freedom, but I always find some ideas helpful myself, so here we are. Please don't feel like you have to stick rigidly to any ideas here; these are meant to be more in the spirit of guides or jumping off points for plots, not plots in themselves, so play with them as you see fit :D

In General
Likes: I'm a fan of romance stories (and if I'm not into a pairing I'll specify), adventure stories (especially questing-type stories), fluff and gen, and good lord AUs! I adore AUs, especially swords n' sorcery type stuff, sci-fi space adventurer stuff, coffee shop and post-apocalypse stuff. Also I'm a big fan of world-building and character studies, especially deep, thought-out stuff.
Dislikes: Stuff like scat, really over-the-top gore, incest, under-age sex, character-bashing.

Fandom Requests:

Star Wars

I'm pretty much down for anything with this fandom. Nominated characters are all awesome, and anything focusing on them would be brilliant. For some ideas: maybe Asajj's time as Dooku's apprentice, or after her clan is destroyed, or when she's becoming a bounty hunter? Ahsoka - after the end of S5? Any time before is also awesome (though he's not nominated, bonus points for brother/sister relationship with Anakin). Maybe even before the series before, with Ahsoka growing up in the Temple? (Also even though she's not nominated either, Ahsoka and Barriss!). As for the clones, Rex and Cody broship for life! More of them being awesome friends would be amazing. Maybe before the war in training? Off-Kamino training?
Feel free to any in anyone not nominated as you like, I pretty much enjoy everyone in the series. As for ships, I sort of ship Rex/Ahsoka, but not while Ahsoka is underage. (As for unnominated ships, Obikin and ObiAniDala all the waaaaay).

Penny Dreadful
I would love to get something about Ethan being a werewolf. How he became one, his exploits, how it affected the events of the series without us being aware of it, something about how it will affect him now....anything. (Basically I am so happy with Ethan-the-werewolf because I called it from episode three and I WAS RIGHT).
As for other characters, anything with Vanessa. I love her. Ditto Frankenstein. Seeing him creating Caliban would be awesome. Also something about Caliban's time alone? Hints/homages to the book version of Frankenstein heartily appreciated.

American Horror Story: Coven
For this I'd love to see what happens after the series. New witches! Current charaters as teachers! All awesome.
Also I'd be interested to see something about Madison or Queenie's lives before the series, how they grew up, what they were like etc.
Also any just general 'witchiness' story is good by me!

Hopefully that'll give you something to work with!

Thanks again for offering to write my fandoms; I'm sure whatever you produce will be wonderful and stunning and I'll just love it! Lastly, have some hearty encouragement to produce some great work this Yuletide, and keep working even if things look tough! I know you can do it! (Whatever it happens to be!) I'm excited to see what you produce!
See you at Christmas!
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