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Dear Yuletide Writer 2015

Hi Yuletide writer!

First off, I fully admit that I copy-paste the start of these letters from year to year, so looking back at my previous ones will be a waste of time. With that out of the way, thank you for writing for me! Let's get straight into it.

I usually don't waffle on for (too) long in these sign-up posts, as I like to give people freedom, but I always find some ideas helpful myself, so here we are. Please don't feel like you have to stick rigidly to any ideas here; these are meant to be more in the spirit of guides or jumping off points for plots, not plots in themselves, so play with them as you see fit :D

In General
Likes: I'm a fan of romance stories (and if I'm not into a pairing I'll specify), adventure stories (especially questing-type stories), fluff and gen, and good lord AUs! I adore AUs, especially swords n' sorcery type stuff, sci-fi space adventurer stuff, coffee shop and post-apocalypse stuff. Also I'm a big fan of world-building and character studies, especially deep, thought-out stuff.
Dislikes: Scat + watersports, really over-the-top gore, incest, under-age sex, character-bashing, non-con, dub-con.

Fandom Requests:

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic - Any Character
Oh man, legit anything from this fandom, I love it with all my heart. For these nominated characters, some backstory would be really cool; Mission on Taris before you find her, Carth on missions for the Republic or with his family, Canderous' days in the Mandalorian army (and if you've read Revan and want to pair him up with his wife, that is a-okay with me). The creation of HK-47, or how he came to be in the Tatooine shop and what he'd been doing previously would really interest me! Also I loved that aside about how he called Malak 'meatbag', so something with them mouthing off to each other and amusing Revan would be really great. And fic from the game's time period itself - their thoughts on certain missions, on the endings, whatever happens. Some post-game fic would also be awesome! What happens to them all in the aftermath? How do they deal with everything that happened?

If you want to throw in any other characters/lore, I'm a massive Legends nerd so I'll probably know pretty much all of it, and I adore all the characters from the game, so go for it! Fair warning, I have a very strong preference for fem!Revan, so if you'd prefer not to write that character as female I'd prefer you leave them out. I also ship Revansi hard so if you'd like to write shipfic or post-game fic where they're together I am 100% down with that. I usually play as a lightside Revan but if you want to explore something using the dark ending or a darkside Revan I am totally okay with that.

A Dark Room - Any Character
Man I started playing this game and got obsessed. The slowly revealed world interests me so much, and I have so many questions. What was the war like? How did it start? How did it end? Has it ended? Who and what are the aliens? Where on Earth are they? (Or are they even on Earth?) Who's the Wanderer? How did they end up in the room? Who's the Builder and how did they end up in the room? Who's that Wanderer you meet in the swamp, and what happened to them? Who are the other Wanderers you encounter and what are their stories? Who are the soldiers - a rabble? An organised raiding group? Who are the people in the city slums, what happened to them, what's life like there? Who are the people who turn up to start building the village - and what does life become like in the village as it expands? And most important - now they've founded this settlement, does the Wanderer really want to leave?

I am 100% here for the worldbuilding in this fandom - throw everything you've got at me. If you want to write Wanderer/Builder that is also a-okay, and I don't mind what kind of physiology or alien quirks you want to give the Wanderer. Also, I think there's a prequel game to this, but I haven't played that so I'd prefer if things from that were left out.

Ambition - Any Character
This film is such an amazing little short with so much packed into its few minutes. I was so intrigued by everything in it - and the possibilities left open! The main reason I want fic of this is that the film brings up so many questions: who are these people? What technology are they using to do what they do - and why? Where are they? How far in the future are they? What is Earth/the galaxy/the universe like in their time? The Master tells The Apprentice she's ready - for what? Where will they go from here?

Worldbuild to your heart's content with this one; I am down for whatever kind of story you want to tell me.

Underland: The Last Surfacer - Any Character
The sketch this trailer gives us of an amazing world and intriguing characters has me absolutely gasping for more! It opens up a veritable treasure trove of possible worldbuilding. Who is the protagonist? Who is his mostly-robotic female companion? Who is the lady narrating - a queen? An empress? Who are the people around her? What happened to the surface to drive humans underground? What is it like living in their cities underground - we see glimpses of what looks like an opulent throne room, but also a dark cavern filled with what looks like a shanty town. What is it like on the surface? What's the tower we see a few times? Who is the mysterious 'winged' figure? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Again, worldbuild to me, author. Make this world come alive.

Metropolis: The Chase Suite - Cindi Mayweather, Anthony Greendown, DJ Crash Crash
I love the image of Cindi, the saviour, the leader of the rebellion, so anything covering that and how people see her and what she does in that role would be awesome. I would also love to see her in less grand moments; perhaps before, when she was just a nobody, a look at the world through an android's eyes. And we don't get many details on how she and Anthony meet and fall in love, so how 'bout it, author? Really, I am interested in what the world is like in this teeming, bustling future Metropolis; we've got a cyberpunk extravaganza ready to unfold!

Personally I'm more interested in the future-era and Metropolis-set stuff, but if you want to work in some kind of time travel shenanigans then I won't say no!

Jupiter Ascending -
Diomika Tsing, Kalique Abrasax, Seraphi Abrasax
Two main things have me intrigued in this canon: worldbuilding and backstory. I really want to know what Seraphi was like, what her relationship with her children was like (especially her daughter), how she rose to power and stayed there, how she changes towards the end of her life. And with Kalique - what's her life like? Her childhood? Her sibling relationships? How did she come into possession of that amazing palace, how did she develop it? And literally all the fic about Tsing; what's life like in the Aegis, how did she rise through the ranks, what's their power structure like, what's the job like on the day-to-day?

And, more widely, the worldbuilding aspect; what's the history of this world? It's obviously a lot longer than ours - what major events have happened? How did Regenx first get discovered, how long has it been around, how many people can afford it, and how do people justify it? What's the history of the Entitled and the Aegis? What's the government like? What other planets are permanently inhabited (i.e. not going to be harvested) and what are they like? Are there different nations or political unions, or just one? What are alien societies like and how do they fit with humans? So much worldbuilding - go crazy.

And of course if you want to do something either during or post-film, fic about Kalique's emotions towards Jupiter and her motivations would be awesome, and same for Tsing. And post-film, how does the arrival of Jupiter and whatever she does next shape galactic power and politics? Is she going to be the end for Regenx, or is it too big a problem for her to solve alone? Does she start up a relationship with Kalique? Anything goes, dear author.

I hope there's something there that inspires! And thank you again for writing for me, dear author. I hope you have a fun and enjoyable time writing fic!

See you at Christmas!
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