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Dear Holly Poly Author

Hello, dear author! First off, thank you for writing for me. Below I hope to outline some likes/dislikes and give you a few brief ideas to play with, should you choose to :)

In General
Likes: I'm a fan of romance stories (and if I'm not into a pairing I'll specify), adventure stories (especially questing-type stories), fluff and gen, and good lord AUs! I adore AUs, especially swords n' sorcery type stuff, sci-fi space adventurer stuff, coffee shop and post-apocalypse stuff. Also I'm a big fan of world-building and character studies, especially deep, thought-out stuff.
Dislikes: Stuff like scat, really over-the-top gore, incest, under-age sex, character-bashing.


Mass Effect

First off, a word about Shepard. I'm not picky over backgrounds or classes, though I tend to prefer the Spacer/Sole Survivor origin and Vanguard or Soldier class. My Shep is generally a Paragon, but a few Renegade choices here and there won't bother me. I prefer if you just call her Shepard, but for a first name just the generic Jane is fine. As for post-ME3, I usually pick Destroy, but if you want to handwave the whole ending then that's absolutely fine with me - as is if you don't want to go near it with a ten foot pole xD

Kaidan/Shep/Ashley - I loved their dynamics in the first game. How Shepard grew closer with both of them, and there were a few hints they were talking/hanging out together while she wasn't around. I'd love Kaidan and Ashley hanging out while Shepard is or isn't around, them all hanging out with other crew members - I have an especial love for late night conversations in the dark corners of the Normandy, heheh. Kaidan and Ashley realizing they both have a crush on Shep and each other and pursuing her together would be my dream. And if you want to write an AU where they both survive, that would be cool - how do things go with both of them there? How do they deal with the fall out of the Normandy's destruction, Shepard's death, and her subsequent revival? Do they go on missions together during 2 while Shep's not there, do they hang out together when she's in prison - whatever you want. Or if you want to write heart-wrenching angst about the aftermath of canon Virmire, don't let me stop you. I've saved both of them in different games, so I have no preference for who lives or dies.

Garrus/Shep/Tali - I've heavily shipped Shakarian pretty much since I started their playthrough, and after Tali's loyalty mission I was shipping her and Shep really hard as well, so threesome seems like the next logical step! (Basically picture me screaming for eternity when Tali muttered that thing about a Garrus/Shep/her threesome xD) I'd love some in-depth character study of how Garrus and Tali each deal with their changing feelings for Shepard. I see both their relationships with Shepard to be more teacher/student and big sister/little sister in the first game, so how do they deal with, apart from the fact that she died and came back, the fact that they now see her in a completely different light? And you could also turn it around for Shepard; these two have matured and grown so much in the last two years - how strange is it for her to see them like this, when for her it seems as if no time has passed? How does she feel running into Tali on Freedom's Progress, right off the bat? How does she feel learning what Garrus has been up to - and in those awful moments when she thinks he's going to die? And anything from ME3 - that moment when Shep and Garrus reunite on Menae, when Tali walks into the war room - how do they fit back together again after their time apart?

Anderson/Hannah Shepard/Kahlee - I'll be honest, I saw this on the tagset and thought, 'that sounds interesting!'. Plus I've been reading the novels lately, so Anderson/Kahlee has been in the forefront of my mind. I don't know how you'd make this work - maybe they meet at some diplomatic/military function thing on Arcturus/the Citadel? Maybe there's an event at Grissom Academy they all attend? Maybe Hannah is old friends with Jon Grissom (Kahlee's dad, if you've not read the books) and he introduces her to Kahlee/she's hanging around at his house or something? If you want an angsty slant, maybe they meet at his funeral? Or for a funnier take, Shepard introduces them and later bitterly regrets it when they end up banging. Quite honestly, Shepard's horrified reaction to her mother banging Anderson is about 50% of why I want this to be a thing xD

Star Wars
Padmé/Obi-Wan/Anakin - This has been my OT3 of OT3s for AGES. I love everything about their relationships, the good and the bad and the depth of character that can be teased out of it. I really really wish we had more Obi-Wan/Padmé interaction in canon; seriously, they almost never interact with each other at all! That should clearly be fixed. Fic where they all realize (slowly or not) that they're in love and they come to terms with it and work it out between them would be everything. Fic where they avert the disaster in RotS is my absolute jam! Include any other characters and lore that you want, Ahsoka, clones and Bail Organa especially. I love all of their relationships with other people outside of the OT3, and how they shape and influence the OT3 relationship would be really intriguing.

Old Kingdom
Belatiel/Clariel/Denima - I thought these guys needed more time together, and Denima definitely needed more screen time. What is her life and family like? What's it like for Belatiel living at the castle? Fic of all three hanging out at the castle or in Belisaere somewhere would be awesome. Also, an exploration of Belatiel's relationship with the wider Abhorsen family would be really interesting. Just what was it like living with them? And what's it like trying to teach himself necromancy? Teaching/learning/experimenting with magic would be awesome. And that ending - I knew it was coming but man, it still hurt. What happens to Belatiel and Denima afterward? Do they stay together? Do they think often of Clariel, and what she's doing? And if you want to deal with Clariel going north and what she does there somehow, that would be amazing.

Thank you so much for offering to write for me, author, and I hope you have fun with your piece! See you at Christmas!

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