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Dear Yuletide Writer 2016!

Hi! First of all a strong and heartfelt thank you for being my author and/or taking a look at my letter. May the spirit of inspiration strike!

I’ve tried to give a few ideas and guidelines as to what I like here, but please don’t feel the need to stick rigidly to anything. I am also okay for you to use one, all, or any combination of the characters I’ve requested in each fandom, as the story guides you. If you have a story you just feel I’ll like, please go ahead with it! (If you do want clarification as to whether I like something, you can either leave an anon comment here or an anon ask over at my tumblr)

Links: I'm Burning_Nightingale on AO3, and darthrevaan on tumblr

General Likes/Dislikes:

I’m a fan of romance, adventure (especially quests!), casefic, plotty fic, fluff, gen, world-building and character studies. I am happy with any rating and any tone, from fluffy curtain fic down to pretty dark stuff. I usually prefer at least a bittersweet ending, though. I love fics that are realistic and I love stuff that’s tropey as all get out; go wild.

Some themes/tropes I really love include: characters fighting against/changing fate, everything about survival (what it means, how it changes you, the lengths you went to), the pressures and struggles of leadership, two people against the world together, found family anything, harsh/beautiful (or harshly beautiful) physical landscapes, gifts or gestures with intense or very personal meanings, anything where characters just get one another, characters who grapple with becoming evil or doing evil deeds, villains who believe they’re in the right, villains who just don’t care about morality, characters who are determined hope will prevail above all else

Specifically relationship themed tropes: Seemingly Unrequited Pining, Friends to Lovers, Fake Dating/Fake Marriage Accidentally Turns Into Feelings, Battle Couple, Everyone Can See It, Like An Old Married Couple

I am also very into AUs and fusions, including: fantasy (urban, high, whatever), coffee shop, post-apocalypse, sci-fi/space, superpowers, Pacific Rim fusions, espionage/spies, reincarnation, royal/arranged marriage

I am also very up for receiving porn! I really love porn that’s about the characters and centres their relationship. Emotionally charged, desperate, I-need-you-it-can’t-wait sex is fantastic! Sex that’s the culmination of a slow burn and/or a really intense bout of UST is my absolute jam. I’m pretty vanilla when it comes to things like BDSM, so anything beyond blindfolds and tying up wrists is a no-go for me. I’m not really into dom/sub dynamics, but a bit of dirty talk is great. A bit of rough sex – hair-pulling, pushing up against walls, not being 100% gentle all the time is also very good ;)

Scat + watersports, excessive gore (injuries happening is fine, injuries dwelt on in loving detail is not), incest, under-age sex, character-bashing, non-con, dub-con.

So, onto fandoms!

Mortal Engines Series - Philip ReeveHester Shaw, Anna Fang, Tom Nastworthy

I have loved this book series since forever, and I’ve just rediscovered and re-read it all, and I would love some fic!

Author, be a hero, give me the Tom/Hester porn canon never did xD Or alternately, give me something about their time on the Bird Roads together between books one and two. How did they get established, get people to take them seriously and trade with them? How did they escape notice and persecution from members of the League? What were the towns and cities they visited like? I’ve always been interested in hearing about what cities in the southern hemisphere are like, so what are the South American and African cities like? What about the Antarctic ones? There is a lot of worldbuilding potential there.

For Anna, anything about her backstory and days as an Anti-Traction spy would be amazing. Where does she go in her first flight in the Jenny? How does she establish herself? What’s the real story of one of her great achievements – planting the bomb on Marseilles, perhaps? What was running through her head when she discovered Saytha had stowed away on her airship, or when she picked up Hester and Tom? Anything that explores her character and relationships further would be amazing. (If you want to do something creepy with Stalker Fang, I would also be down for that)

Tanis (Podcast)Nic Silver, Geoff Van Sant, Meerkatnip | MK

I love the mystery of this story. What the hell is Tanis? That question has been haunting me ever since I started listening, and especially since what happened at the end of series one. What the hell happened in that house? I am so ready for more about Nic’s experiences in the cabin or on the journey there. What kind of weird stuff did he see? Does it come back to him in dreams? I’m also really interested in him and the crew digging up other weird stories about what happened to people who came into contact with Tanis (that one about the fur trapper and the woman still haunts me). What other kind of effects has Tanis had? We seem to see a lot of people come out of Tanis with a murderous or psychotic bent, but at the beginning of the show I’m sure something was mentioned about Tanis being a supposed source of wondrous artistic inspiration and suchlike. Who came out of it and experienced that?

As for MK, I’m really interested in how she views things, and what researching and going through all this Tanis stuff is like from her end. Are thoughts of Tanis starting to creep into her everyday life, or does she only think about it when she’s researching? Also, I’m really interested in a sort of ‘day in the life of MK’ fic. I’m sure at one point she says she’s going out to play bridge with friends, and also possibly squash – so what other hobbies does she have? What’s her everyday routine like? She doesn’t seem like someone who spends every hour of the day sitting in front of a computer. Does she have a completely different persona that she puts on for normal friends and family? Does she live in two worlds, and does anyone know her on both sides?

So I ship Nic and Geoff incredibly hard, and desperately want ship fic for them. I love how Geoff is always up for going on the next crazy adventure, and doesn’t seem that phased by all the weird stuff that goes on. So what was Nic’s disappearance to the cabin like from his end? Has it made him more wary when Nic says ‘let’s go and do this together’? I’d love a get together fic, something with slow burn and general pining/obliviousness. For a darker take, a fan question suggested that Geoff might not be all he seems: so, is he who he claims to be? For that matter, is anyone Nic meets who they claim to be? (E.g. MK, Veronica) Is someone secretly working for Cameron Ellis, or another, unknown, even shadier person?

Destiny (Video Game)Amanda Holliday, Jolder, Petra Venj, Shaxx

I love Destiny so much! The worldbuilding, the glimpses of stuff we get to see and all that’s left inferred or unanswered is tantalising. Honestly I would be happy with something that’s just worldbuilding for this request; something about life in the Last City, how it works socially and economically and politically, how all those elements work at the Tower, how the Guardian organisations like the Vanguard and now the Iron Lords interact with the civilian elements. Also, what’s the relationship like between the renewed Iron Lords and the Vanguard? Are Guardians joining the Iron Lords and ignoring dictates of the Vanguard, or is it all a more peaceful affair?

Speaking of Iron Lords, Jolder. She’s portrayed as quite the badass in canon and the grimoire cards, and I’d love to see more of that kicking ass and taking names side of her, as well as the quieter side. Something about how she handles diplomacy or politics, or moments in her relationships with other Iron Lords. A hint of shipping with Saladin or Perun would not go amiss either! Also I don’t think we get to see where she comes from, what her journey to being an Iron Lord was like, so that would be really interesting. Seeing some worldbuilding about the time of the Iron Lords, what human civilisation was like then, how the Lords organised themselves and spread and recruited would also be really interesting. And of course, what’s going through her head in that final moment, as she closes the door and pushes the button?

 For Petra, I want to know 10000% more about the Reef! How do things work, what’s daily life there like? What was Petra’s childhood like? How were her first years in service? I’d love something about her relationships, especially to Mara, both before and after her exile. Something heart-wrenching about Petra after Mara’s supposed! death would be fantastic; about her soldiering on, trying to keep up connections with the Tower, protect the Reef, and possibly also choose a new queen? (I’m about seventy per cent subscribed to the idea that Mara isn’t actually dead somehow, so what if Petra is pushing to find a new queen and the Techeuns keep blocking her, to the point where she gets curious/frustrated and investigates?) Also something about her and the Guardian main player character would be fun. I’d also love something concerning Petra’s life in the Tower in exile, how she deals with the people of the Tower, how she handles her loneliness and homesickness, what she thinks of the City, her feelings when she’s finally allowed home.

I’m really interested in Amanda’s journey from the wilderness to the City! What was her mother like, the owner of the Chaperone? How did she die and how did Amanda move on? Who else was important to her on that march, and when she arrived in the City? And how did she move into making spaceships for the Tower? I’m interested in how the whole enterprise came to be – were the ships and facilities the Guardians were using before very rudimentary, and Amanda launched a program of improvement? Does she get Guardians to venture out into the wilderness to find designs and parts for her? Does she go down to markets and auctions in the City to barter for materials or parts? I’d also love to see something about her everyday life, and relationships with people. Does she have any particular friends among the Guardians or Tower folk? Do Guardians interact with non-Guardians or do they keep themselves quite separate? We see Amanda bantering with Cayde in Taken King, so how did they meet? I’d definitely love some backstory/day in the life fic here.

And finally Shaxx. Who is the mysterious Crucible master, really? Give me all the backstory!! I want to know about his training with Saladin and Zavala, and especially what the hell did he and Saladin fall out about? How did he end up starting the Crucible? (Did he? I assume, but I may be getting canon wrong). Who does he know and talk to within the Tower? Is he still friends with Zavala, and do they hang out socially? (He has friends, right? Tell me the poor guy has at least one friend). And how does he feel now that the Iron Lords are being resurrected? Happy for Saladin, though they’re not on good terms? Unhappy that the Iron Lords are drawing attention away from the Tower, and possibly splitting the Guardians between the Lords and the Vanguard? Does he go out there and see what’s going on for himself? And deep down, does he wonder why Saladin never tried to revive the Iron Lords with students like himself?

Star Wars Legends: Knights of the Old RepublicFemale Revan, Juhani, Mission Vao, Carth Onasi

So this video game has been a favourite of mine since the moment I played it. Something about Revan’s story really clicked with me – the way the slightly run of the mill “you’re learning everything so fast and becoming a Jedi so quickly and trusted by the Council because you’re the protagonist special” was turned completely on its head by the revelation that you’re actually Revan, and already know how to be a Jedi, and everything that came along with that reveal – that’s what really made me start loving this game.

Revan is basically my favourite character in Star Wars and I need 1000% more fic about her. I’d love backstory – the moments in the run up to her deciding to leave the Order, the moment she leaves the Order, leading the Jedi on the battlefield, the final battle at Malachor? Her relationship with Malak and/or the Jedi Exile during this time? Her relationship with Malak after they both become Sith? I want all the Revan-as-the-leader-of-armies and aaaalll the Revan-the-Sith-Empress fic! I ship her and the (female preferred) Exile quite a lot, if you wanted to go into that, and I also like one-sided (on Malak’s part) Malak/Revan, so feel free to play with and make that as heart-breaking as possible.

I’m also really interested in how the reveal affects her – what does she think of herself afterward? How does she deal with the shock of it? Does she accept it quickly, or does she have to work at it? I’d really love to see more of how it affects her relationship with the other members of the crew, especially Carth. I ship Carth/Revan pretty hard, so how on earth do they both feel after that reveal? How do they deal with it? And we get a little bit of how Juhani and Mission feel about the whole thing, but I want more. Mission seems to shake it off, but does she really feel that at peace about it? And Juhani surely has more to say? I can’t help but feel those moments need a little more spotlight.

I’d also love some post-game fic for all of these guys. How do Revan and Carth begin to make it work, what with her presumably becoming a Jedi again and helping to start rebuilding the Order, and him presumably starting more involved missions for the Republic? What does Mission do after their quest is finished – the Revan book says she and Zaalbaar start a business together, so if you want to go with that or have her do something completely different, that’s cool. I’d love to see some big sister/little sister dynamics with her and Revan, both during the mission and post-game. And Juhani presumably sticks with the Jedi, so what’s her ongoing relationship with Revan like? I love love Revan/Juhani as well, so if you want to have some of that in there, during or post-game, I’d love that. I’d love something that explored how Juhani goes from idolising to feeling on equal footing with Revan throughout their adventures, and I’d really love something that focuses on Juhani continuing her journey after the game, and continuing to grow and kick ass both with the group and on her own.

And of course, for a heart-breaking prompt – why does Revan leave? Is it all about stopping the Sith Empire (like in the book/other canon) or is it a completely different reason? Why doesn’t she take anyone else or tell anyone where she’s going? And if the Exile goes after her, does she eventually find her again? Do they unite to fight off the bad guys and come home triumphant? (I am absolutely happy with something ignoring Revan and SWTOR canon if you want to go that way).

Feel free to bring in any of the other characters in the tagset – I’d love some found-family feels for this crew!

So, thank you for reading all that! Hopefully something inspires you to create great things. Good luck this Yuletide, dear writer!
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